At the College of Charleston, I have had the opportunity to teach courses at every level from freshman to a senior capstone course to graduate courses. Many of the courses I teach serve curriculum needs in several departments and programs including Political Science, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Regardless of the level, I try to guide students in becoming sophisticated users of information and engaged participants in social and political life.

Below you will find links to my most recent syllabi for the various undergraduate and graduate courses I have caught while at the College of Charleston.


Recent Courses

Introduction to Public Policy

POLI 211 | Undergraduate

Syllabus spring 2022

Environmental Policy

POLI 307 | Undergraduate

Syllabus spring 2022

Governance of Social-Ecological Systems

POLI 443 / EVSS 595 | Cross-listed undergraduate / graduate

Environmental Law and Regulatory Policy

EVSS/PUBA 534 | Graduate

Syllabus spring 2022

Foundations of Public Sector Management and Leadership

PUBA 600 | Graduate

Syllabus fall 2022 (Express I)

Public Policy

EVSS/PUBA 602 | Graduate

Syllabus fall 2022