Below you will find links to my publications including peer-reviewed books, articles, and conference proceedings. I also provide links to works in progress through the Open Science Framework.



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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Nowlin, Matthew C. and Wesley Wehde. Forthcoming. “Teaching Quantitative Methods to Students of Public Policy.” In Handbook of Teaching Public Policy Edited by Philippe Zittoun & Emily St Denny. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 

Conference Proceedings

Nowlin, Matthew C. 2015. “Partisanship, Information, and Public Opinion about Yucca Mountain.” In Proceedings of the 15th International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, 226-231. American Nuclear Society.


Book Reviews

Nowlin, Matthew C. 2018. “Improving Governance of Risk and Uncertainty.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 28(1): 158-160.

Works in Progress

Nowlin, Matthew C. In progress. “Policy Beliefs, Belief Uncertainty, and Policy Learning”